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annu saini Dedicated to Krishan and Troy Justice “Every window on Alcatraz has a view of San Francisco” – Susanna Kaysen, Girl Interrupted As i prepared to write this piece i realized that i haven’t written about jail since i was there, and then only in fervent letters to my friends and family. I wrote … Continue reading

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ON POINT: Making Prison Needle and Syringe Programs Work in Canada

JOIN US for a free lively panel discussion in support of prisoners’ rights and justice. Panelists will discuss why prison needle and syringe programs are essential, how they are working in other countries, and how they might be implemented in Canada. Panel speakers: ~Daniela De Santis – Hindelbank Prison, Switzerland ~Ruth Elwood Martin – University … Continue reading


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Sexism, racism, classism, ableism, colonialism, imperialism – rely on each other in complex ways. The “interlocking” effect means that the systems of oppression come into existence in and through each other so that class exploitation could not be accomplished without gender and racial hierarchies, imperialism could not function without class exploitation, sexism and so on. … Continue reading

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Solitary – by Renee Acoby

Many people have asked me what it was like to live in solitary confinement for years on end under the infamous “management Protocol” that CSC designed for unruly federal females. You wonder what right you have to feel angry about your confinement because it was your own actions/reactions that led to your conditions. So, you … Continue reading

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Stop Racial Profiling! – Stop Racist Policing!

Stop Racial Profiling! – Stop Racist Policing! On November 14, 2012, join us as we speak out against the continued racial profiling and racist policing directed at affected communities here in Toronto. Our struggles to be free from racist police harassment and unconstitutional violations of our rights has resulted in many studies and much talk, … Continue reading

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Letter from Edmonton Institution for Women

My first inclination is to introduce myself by my FPS number; but my indignation prevents me from demoralizing myself to digits. Consider this a feminine spin-off to the alpha-males about how club-fed is just a conservative-laced media hype…much like the hype on statistic & crime the conservatives push. As a proud, Black , gay woman, … Continue reading

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Canadian inmates sue government over t-shirt ban

Toronto Star August 30th, 2012 by Curtis Rush Canadian-inmates-sue-government-over-t-shirt-ban “Some 150 inmates have filed a $1.25 million class-action lawsuit against the Attorney General of Canada to wear the T-shirts on Prisoners Justice Day. The shirt also shows two hands grasping jail bars. The prisoners in Joyceville Institution, 20 kilometres northeast of Kingston, brought the shirts … Continue reading

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Prisoners’ Justice Day Vigil 2012

PRISONERS JUSTICE DAY 2012 Friday, August 10, 2012 6:30pm Outside the Toronto Don Jail 550 Gerrard Street East ASL Interpretation Provided Join us for speakers, performers, children’s programming, a mini march and a candlelight vigil at dusk. August 10th, 2012 marks the 37th anniversary of Prisoners Justice Day. On August 10th, 1974 Eddie Nalon bled … Continue reading