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A Rebuke of CSC’s Transformation: On “A Flawed Compass” Guiding the Future of the Canadian Federal Penitentiary System

Please welcome Justin Piché to Just Blog.  Justin is a PhD student in Sociology at Carleton University.  His research examines where Canadian penal institutions in Canada are built and why.  He is also Co-managing Editor of the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons (   Justin  has kindly offered us his report on Michael Jackson and Graham … Continue reading

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Van Loan lies on “mental health care and rehabilitation” for “mentally ill” prisoners

Here is a comment to the Globe and Mail, written by anti-psychiatry and human rights activist, Don Weitz.  In it, he discusses the inhumane conditions suffered by people in prisons and psychiatric facilities, and the need for restorative justice alternatives. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 9/24/09 Comment Editor The Globe and Mail Recently on CBC Newsworld, Public Safety Minister … Continue reading

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PASAN/Rittenhouse Fundraiser

On Thursday, October 22nd, PASAN and Rittenhouse will be holding a joint fundraiser at PLAY on Church (504 Church St., 1 and 1/2 blocks north of Carlton).  The event will go from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. PASAN (Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network) is a community-based network of prisoners, ex-prisoners, organizations, activists and individuals … Continue reading

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Leonard Peltier – I am Barack Obama’s Political Prisoner Now 11-13, 2009 A CounterPunch Exclusive The Denial of My Parole I Am Barack Obama’s Political Prisoner Now By LEONARD PELTIER The United States Department of Justice has once again made a mockery of its lofty and pretentious title. After releasing an original and continuing disciple of death cult leader Charles Manson who attempted to … Continue reading