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This post is from the CNN Wire on   For a long time death penalty advocates have tried to frame lethal injection as the “humane” alternative to other forms of execution.  This article is just further proof that the term “humane execution” is an oxymoron.

Thanks to Avrum for sending this to me.


Execution problems prompt one-week reprieve for Ohio inmate

(CNN) — Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland on Tuesday gave a death-row inmate a one-week reprieve after authorities tried unsuccessfully for hours to find a vein to administer his lethal injection.

“Difficulties in administering the execution protocol necessitate a temporary reprieve,” said Strickland’s Warrant of Reprieve, filed in court Tuesday afternoon in the case of inmate Romell Broom.

Broom’s defense attorney, Tim Sweeney, wrote Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Moyer on Tuesday that, “I am advised by my co-counsel, Adele Shank, who is at the prison in Lucasville, that the execution team has been attempting since approximately 1 p.m. this afternoon to obtain IV access to a site in Mr. Broom’s body in order for the lethal injections to be administered, but without any success.

“It appears … that these efforts have been going on now for almost two hours, and that the execution team members have evidently now taken a ‘break,’” Sweeney wrote.

Broom’s execution was initially scheduled for 10 a.m. ET, but was delayed for legal reasons and rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon, Sweeney told CNN.
Calls by CNN to state officials were not immediately returned.

Strickland’s document directs the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to carry out Broom’s execution on September 22, “unless further reprieve or clemency is granted.”

Broom, 52, was convicted of abducting, raping and fatally stabbing a 14-year-old girl in East Cleveland in 1984, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.

–CNN’s Chuck Johnston contributed to this report.


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