The Poetry of Neal Freeland

Neal Freeland is a filmmaker, graphic novelist, poet, artist, ex-prisoner, cook, dishwasher and social work student, who is also writing a couple of books in all of his spare time.  I’ve just met Neal recently, but I am very struck by his warmth, humour and sensitivity, and the beauty and power in his writing and artwork. I am very grateful that Neal has let me post some of his poetry on the blog. I hope he will write more for us in the future.


Never give them what they want

Its a strong word never,
But its a good word,
A word to live by
In here
Especially in here,
This shit infested water where death swims with you
Where the souls of men have been forgotten and the …
The … humans that walk here watching over us
Are pathetic excuses at best…

Never give them what they want
Never do that
Never show them that they hurt you
Never show them that they got to you
Never show them that they pissed you off
Never show them that they broke you
Never show them anything about you at all

They will use it against you
They will twist it all around to fuck you with it
They will never let you forget
They will never let it go
They will never forgive you
They will always rub it in your face
They will always pull it out and show you how you are LESS THAN HUMAN because of it!

And all this from the very people,
The only people you see
The only people you have to teach you how to be human
How to be people

Never give them what they want
They will kill you with it.



“Are you a Warrior?”

I was asked in the in the quiet solitude of day
And I wondered long into the night

What does a Warrior make?

If by a Warrior you mean
One who always tries to do the right thing
Even when doing what is right tears my heart in two
One who does the right thing just because it is . . .

If by a Warrior you mean
Someone who always makes time to listen
Who brings you a smile when you least expect it
Who laughs with you everyday, today, just like yesterday
And cries a flood of tears so yours do not fall alone

If by a Warrior you mean
One who stands up for those in need
Who fights for those who cannot, or will not
One who turns the other cheek in the face of rage, hatred and bigotry
Walks away when my blood screams out injustice!
And a fist is all it seems I have left to choose
Because walking away is the right choice . . .

If by a Warrior you mean
Someone who will always be there for you
Always tries to move Heaven and Hell to keep his promises to you
Someone whose soul withers and screams when I cannot, have not
Supports you when you are wrong because that is when you need it the most

If by a Warrior you mean
A person of honour, of compassion, faith and humility
Someone of strength, trust, of love and respect
Someone of ethics and integrity and the will to live buy them
The courage to fight for your dreams and . . . and to fight for my own
Someone who will always apologize and say I am so, so very sorry I hurt you

If by a Warrior you mean all of these things
Then all I can say to you it this, just this, only this . . .

I do not know if I am a Warrior

But I want to be . . .

3 thoughts on “The Poetry of Neal Freeland

  1. I heard Neal a while back reciting some of his poetry on CKUT 90.3 fm community campus radio in Montreal. Its great to have his poems up here on this blog for everyone.

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