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October 19 Townhall – MHCC Homelessness and Mental Health Project in Toronto

The Mental Health Commission of Canada is now implementing research demonstration projects in mental health and homelessness across the country.

The projects are being implemented in five different cities. They will look at the Housing First model of intervention. A total of 2225 homeless people living with a mental illness will participate. 1,325 Canadians from that group will be given a place to live, and will be offered services to assist them over the course of the initiative. The remaining participants will receive the regular services that are available in the test sites.

Participants will have to pay a portion of their rent, and be visited at least once a week by program staff. Participants will be able to choose housing within a number of different sites in a given city, including apartments and group homes.

Why Housing First?

The Housing First model is one approach to ending homelessness and helping people with lived experience get back into community life. This approach has produced positive results in other cities where it has been implemented. A comparison between different Housing First approaches and “care as usual” is being studied in all cities.

The overall goal is to provide evidence about what services and systems could best help people across Canada who are living with a mental illness and are also homeless. At the same time, the project will provide meaningful and practical support for hundreds of vulnerable Canadians.

Data from this kind of extensive research does not currently exist in Canada. The MHCC project is unique and the largest of its kind underway in the world right now.

You are Invited to the October 19  Public Town Hall  to Discuss Project
Updates in Toronto.

October 19th, 2009
2-4 p.m.
St. Lawrence Hall
157 King St. East, Toronto (at Jarvis St.)

RSVP by October 16 to: mhccproject@toronto.ca

This is an opportunity to:
* Learn more about the project first-hand
* Discuss the project with service providers, researchers,
and People with Lived Experience Caucus members

Kelly Murphy
Director, Knowledge Transfer
Centre for Research on Inner City Health
St. Michael’s Hospital
30 Bond Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1W8

T: 416-760-2949
E: safercrack@gmail.com

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