What A Broken Heart Has To Offer

by Timothy Covington

re:  World AIDS Day


I am a person who understands the plight of a broken heart all too well.  On December 1st, we grieve, cry and mourn our losses so great, of our loved ones.

We together can find hope in a broken heart.  On this very special day as our community and the globe come together in unison in support of our losses and fill each other in hopes that one day there is no sickness so that it does not matter our age or sex.

We need to share our love and experiences in order to hold and bring our hearts together.  I’ve stopped counting how many friends I lost and instead I started to share the love they shared with me.

Yes, I do live with the AIDS virus.  What stems from this is a passionate dream, to end the discrimination, drop the walls that separate people like us to have to stand under the heavy load that comes with misunderstanding who we really are.  I know I am a vessel of love wanting to share with anyone who wants or needs it.

If you read my words on December 1st, “Then take heart”, give a hug, a smile and a word of understanding or even an understanding look.  “They all help.”

I am a friend, someone’s family member, a other, a father, and at one time I even had a partner in life.


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