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3 thoughts on “Excerpt of Fifth Estate story on Ashley Smith

  1. re: Ashley Smith
    Watching fifth estate airing the programme of Ashley Smith has left me with a haunting feeling of how humans would leave a child in solitarty over and over again still getting the same results, is that not a form of insanity, You would not put a animal in solitare 60 straight days over and over again . Would you not expect that animal to turn on you . The thought of these people taking care of people in the system should appaul us. You would think that one of them would of stepped up to the plate and state that, if she was mentally unstable she should of been assesed, someone should of done something. They were so worried about their jobs. We also should be questioning how do the correctional officers and wardens qualify for these jobs.
    I will watch how they can make this wrong a right.

  2. You all need to find out the rest of the story of how guards were repeatedly attacked, and spat upon, by Ms. Smith and how the officer’s were reprimanded for going in to her cell, and reprimanded for not going into her cell.
    THis was an accident waiting to happen, and will happen again until the CSC changes their policy on dealing with inmates with obvious psychiatric problems.

    A guard

  3. I understand George it must of been many times hard to work like this,but this is the job you choose to do.I know if i choose to become a prison guard i will be spit on or told many bold things,like i work in public and often people are upset yell or scream at us or others but it does not give me the right to give it back, and i have been working for the airlines for 33years and seen many things but the day i choose to give it back to them is the day i choose to leave.What i saw last night on TV with Ashley has scarred me.I cannot immagine this goes on in this suppose to be nice country we llive in, I could see this in Cuba or China but not here.She was a sick girl that needed medication maybe also heavy ones.I know of a boy very much like what she was,and he has been medicated for years and today he is 22yrs and does very well on his own ,this is again our system and curupted goverment from top to bottom allowing this to happen.And yes i will write to my MP and many others about this incident.She did not kill anyone and did not deserved none of this.It is so sad that my own son could not watch it. As Canadian we should all do the same write and scream about this story.I am sorry today to be a Canadian and i hope her mother get every penny from this law suit and more.

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