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The Cost of Prison Expansion

Provinces to spend $2.7B on prisons from the Toronto Star, Saturday, February 20th Tonda MacCharles Ottawa Bureau ____________________________________________________________________________ OTTAWA–Provinces are spending $2.7 billion to expand or replace aging and overcrowded jails across Canada – with little public scrutiny, an Ottawa researcher says. Justin Piché, a PhD candidate in sociology at Carleton University, obtained data through … Continue reading

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Prison Abolition and Alternatives

from In support of prisoners and prison justice activism in Canada ______________________________________________________________________ Nine Perspectives for Prison Abolitionists Perspective 1 Imprisonment is morally reprehensible and indefensible and must be abolished. In an enlightened free society, prison cannot endure or it will prevail. Abolition is a long term goal; an ideal. The eradication of any oppressive … Continue reading

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Book Launch – “Drug Policy and the Public Good”

from the Canadian Harm Reduction Network __________________________________________________________ Does drug policy matter? What has been the effect of prohibition? Do prevention programs have any impact at all? What about prescription drugs? Join the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) for the Canadian launch of “Drug Policy and the Public Good” a comprehensive new book and … Continue reading

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When Will It Be Enough…

by Neal Freeland ___________________________________________________________________________________________ I wonder if I should still be in hell Should I still be in prison Have I suffered enough And when will it be enough Should I have died in hell Would that have been enough Payment, retribution, restoration… Would that balance the scales? I dreamed of hell last night, like … Continue reading

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The City of Toronto is a Sweatshop

No One Is Illegal-Toronto is organizing days of education, community building and idea sharing, ‘The City is a Sweatshop’, from March 19-21, 2010. ———————————————————————————— no one is illegal-toronto The City of Toronto is a Sweatshop BECAUSE We are exploited at workplaces, even killed, whether we have work permits or not… (Source: No One Is Illegal-Toronto, … Continue reading