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Mar. 19 – Services | Sanctuary | Status: Access Without Fear

A professional development and networking forum for service providers working with newcomer communities to develop strategies aimed at ensuring access to essential services for immigrants without full status.
Friday, March 19, 2010
12:30 pm Registration
1:00-3:00 pm Forum

Location: 155 College Street Health Sciences Building, University of Toronto

Over the past five years, front line workers and migrant justice organizers have been working together to fight for the right of all people in Toronto, regardless of immigration status, to access essential services such as health care, shelters, education and food.
Out of our work, four campaigns have emerged, Health 4 All, Education Not Deportation, Shelter, Sanctuary Status and Food 4 All that bring together service providers, people accessing services and those excluded from them to create social policies that will ensure that migrants without full status can live with dignity and respect.
Through these campaigns, we hope to build a sanctuary city where non status people can live without fear.
Come to the Services | Sanctuary | Status  forum on Friday, March 19, 2010 to learn ways that service providers can support people without full status.

The forum will focus on:
* Impacts of current immigration laws and policies and budget cuts on social services provision to non/precarious status people;
* Rights and duties of service providers working with immigrant and refugee communities towards immigration and law enforcement;
* Examples of service providers in various social sectors that have developed tangible, effective policies to ensure access to services to non/precarious status people while maintaining funding;
Who this workshop is for:
*Service providers working with immigrant and refugee communities in various capacities and social sectors, including housing, shelters, education, settlement services, counselling, community health, youth, queer communities and others.
Please bring your ideas, input and energy to help make Toronto a Sanctuary City!
There is no registration fee, but donations are greatly appreciated.
For more information contact: nooneisillegal@riseup.net.

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