G8/G20 / Journal of Prisoners on Prisons

Call for contributions: Journal of Prisoners on Prisons Special Section on Summit Detention

The Journal of Prisoners on Prisons (www.jpp.org) is seeking articles that
discuss G8 / G20 detention policy and practices, experiences of summit
detention, and related aspects of the socio-politics of incarceration.

Round-ups, crack-downs, mass-arrests, kettling, pre-emptive detention, and the
construction of temporary detention camps have come to characterize government
responses to large-scale public mobilizations. The tactical use of confinement
for the purpose of managing dissent is a phenomenon that requires discussion
and problematization, and we are interested in facilitating this, with a
particular focus on the voices and experiences of those who have been detained.
More generally, we are looking to increase the representation of detainee voices
in the prison writing / prisoner ethnography literature, and to make connections
between the politics and practices of short-term detention and broader issues
related to the prison industrial complex.

The JPP is a prisoner-authored, academiclally-oriented, peer-reviewed non-profit
journal in the tradition of the penal press. We publish articles that have been
written by current and former prisoners (including detainees). For this special
section, we are looking for articles written by people who directly experienced
incarceration and the deprivation of liberty in the context of the G8 / G20
events. Collaborative articles co-authored by summit detainees and colleagues
are welcome.

Contributions may take the form of scholarly papers or commentaries, and / or
experiential narratives that explore themes related to summit detention by
drawing on personal experiences.

Short and long contributions are welcome (max. 20 pages, typed, double-spaced).
We welcome papers that include accompanying photographs (though we can only
publish in  black-and-white).

If interested in making a submission, please contact Mike Larsen, Co-Managing
Editor, at jpp@uottawa.ca .


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