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Prisoners’ Justice Week

Are you furious about the arrest and detainment of over 900 people during the G20 weekend in June?

Are you angry about the detention and detainment of ten of thousands every year in immigration detention centres in the city? Want to end forced incarceration of people with disabilities in provinicial institutions, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities and other abusive institutions?

Are you concerned about the over-representation o…f racialized people, indigenous people, disabled people, poor people, women and trans people and people without status in the prison industrial complex?

Prisoners’ Justice Week Event Listings:

1. The Toronto Harm Reduction Task Force will be co-sponsoring an event to mark Prisoners’ Justice Day on August 10th at Holy Trinity Church (Eaton Centre) between 11 am and 6 pm. We shall gather on this day to honour every inmate of prisons everywhere and hope you will be able to join us. For those who chose to fast in solidarity with those inside, we will break our fast with dinner at 6 pm. RSVP by August 6th to Garry 905.460.5274 garryg@golden.net

2. CHRY 105.5 FM is planning a day of special programming for Prisoners’ Justice Day on August 10th.

Speakers, performances, vigil
August 10th, 2010 6:30-9pm
Don Jail (550 Gerrard St E.)

What is Prisoners’ Justice Day?

It is a day of protest against all deaths in custody, the inhumane use of solitary confinement, racist policing, the detention and deportation of immigrants and refugees, the taking of land through colonization and the criminalization of First Nations defence of their territories, the denial of justice for Aboriginal women and transpeople, the disabling effects of prison, the cruelty of psychiatric incarceration, poverty and homelessness, the separation of families, security certificates, tasers for prison guards and cops, the medical neglect of prisoners with HIV/AIDS, the incarceration of people who use drugs, the incarceration of sex workers and the lack of harm reduction in prison.

It is a call for alternatives to incarceration – at a time when governments are enacting repressive U.S. style get-tough-on-crime laws to build more prisons despite a falling crime rate. Join us for speakers, performers and a candlelight vigil at dusk when we read the names of prisoners who have died.

4. DJs for Prisoners- a night of music and dance to raise money to for legal fees for those detained during the G20 arrests- August 25, 2010, location TBD. Featuring Cozmic Cat, Nik Red and more!


August 23rd is the next mass court date for G20 detainees: need to provide court support and solidarity (more info to come soon)

Early September- Panel discussion to make links between G20 and penal abolition/prisoners’ right issues/ everyday police brutality/repression (more info to come soon)

Film screening- mini Prisoners’ Justice Film Festival!


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