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Ontario Superior Court judge strikes down prostitution law

From the Globe and Mail Published Tuesday, Sep. 28, 2010 1:12PM Written by Kirk Makin _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Excerpt: Ontario’s prostitution law fell Tuesday after a judge ruled that it endangers the very women it is meant to protect. In a landmark decision striking down the core of the controversial law, Ontario Superior Court Judge Susan Himel … Continue reading

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Silence, Sex and Science: A community forum on the criminalization of HIV in Canada.

Thursday September 30th, 2010; 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. A free community forum on the criminalization of HIV in Canada With presentations by: Edwin J. Bernard:  British HIV positive writer, editor and activist.  Editor:  HIV and the Criminal Law and HIV Transmission blog Richard Elliott:  Executive Director of the HIV/AIDS Legal Network Eric Mykhalovskiy: Associate Professor … Continue reading

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Call for a Full and Open Inquiry into the Death of Ashley Smith

The exquisite value of democracy is that Ashley Smith had the same ease of access to her human rights in Canada as any other girl because she was Canadian.  Unfortunately,  as Howard Sapers has discovered, Ashley was denied her rights.  There is ample evidence and it has not been a secret.  Recordings of Ashley’s desperate … Continue reading

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____________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you experience police harassment in your community? Are your kids in jail? Do the police make you feel unsafe? Are you profiled by police? We don’t want the cops recruiting from our community to oppress us, our friends and families. Resist OPP efforts to pink-wash police at their “Serving with Pride in Policing” … Continue reading

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Vein Care Workshop: Why Vein Care Matters for Users and from a Public Health Perspective

The following announcement is sent to you by the Canadian Harm Reduction Network Please visit our website, check it out and support us by becoming a member. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please circulate widely . . . Toronto Harm Reduction Task Force Vein Care Workshop: Why Vein Care Matters for Users and from a Public Health Perspective … Continue reading