AIDS Action Now! / event listings

AIDS Action Now! Community Planning Meeting

Date:  September 21 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location:  AIDS Committee of Toronto, Room 220

399 Church Street

Building on our successful first community meeting AIDS ACTION NOW! welcomes a wide range of diverse community members to join us in setting directions for upcoming advocacy work on HIV and Hep C. This meeting will focus on the development of key AIDS ACTION NOW! sub-committees (National, Provincial, Municipal and Communications). We are also accepting nominations for the Steering Committee, especially from those most affected b…y HIV and Hep C including people who use drugs, Aboriginal people, young people, and newcomers to Canada.

AIDS ACTION NOW! is working to mobilize and build community solidarity and to reinvigorate the HIV, Hepatitis, Harm Reduction activist voices in our communities. For 5 years, under the Harper government we have watched an erosion of Canadian health and social services. The Harper Government bases policies on outdated moral ideology instead of science and facts. The HIV and Hep C epidemics are growing in Canada and Harper is fuelling the fire. We have watched Harper erode our social fabric, we have watched Harper’s policies increase poverty, and we have watched Harper’s government put our communities in jail. The time to act is now!

Through a combination of grass-roots activism, public demonstrations, lobbying, collaborative work with other community organizations, research, and related activities, AIDS ACTION NOW! will:

1.Improve access to treatment, care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS in Canada and around the world.

2.Fight for effective HIV/AIDS prevention that respects human rights.

3.Work to improve the social determinants of health for communities struggling against the AIDS epidemic.


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