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Do you experience police harassment in your community? Are your kids in jail? Do the police make you feel unsafe? Are you profiled by police?
We don’t want the cops recruiting from our community to oppress us, our friends and families.

Resist OPP efforts to pink-wash police at their “Serving with Pride in Policing” symposium
Saturday, September 18th
Rally Outside the 519, 11am
Meet in the park beside the 519 Church St. Community Centre!

On Saturday September 18 the OPP will be hosting a day-long symposium to recruit LBGT people at the 519 Community Centre. This symposium, called “Serving with Pride in Policing – Dispelling the Myths and Breaking Down the Barriers” (http://www.pridetoronto.com/news/opp-lgbt-symposium/) will showcase the OPP’s “service” to a community they have never been a friend to. The recent G20 arrests only highlight what is the daily reality for targeted communities: profiling, harassment, and brutality. The OPP is part of a system of policing that is responsible for raids on bathhouses, factory and massage parlour immigration raids, street raids, sweeps of homeless folks and sex workers and for destroying indigenous communities and families. These aren’t “myths” about policing, these are the facts.

As a collective of concerned queers, trans folks, community members and former prisoners, we oppose the 519’s decision to again welcome police into our safer places, the OPP’s long history of brutal policing of indigenous communities and crack downs on reserves, the raiding of factories and massage parlours for undocumented workers, unwarranted searches and unlawful detentions in low income neighbourhoods, police harassment and sexual assault of trans women suspected of being sex workers, the institutionalization and incarceration of people with disabilities and neurodiverse people, the profiling of racialized folks especially youth, the homophobic and transphobic violence by police covered up as accidents, homeless sweeps and the criminalization of dissent.

We can’t sell other people’s rights for queer rights. As queers we are rooted in our queer communities, but our intersectional identities tie us to multiple communities and groups of people. We are united in solidarity with poor, racialized, street youth, sex workers, friends, families, lovers and communities. Our liberation is collective!

This is not just another rally! We will be holding a *family friendly* public demonstration outside the 519 on September 18th to strengthen bonds within our communities and build an anti-policing movement in Toronto.

It’s time for our communities to find our own solutions to our own problems without the state.
All are allies! All are welcome! Kid-friendly!

Bring your sexy selves, your kids and capes, your black hoodies, your heels, hotpants and glitter.

Write your messages for the police on signs or on your bodies. Most importantly, bring your voices of resistance!

Your friends in solidarity,
Your friendly neighborhood policing abolitionists
Toronto Policing Abolition Network
Queer Coalition Against Policing

*We acknowledge that the OPP symposium and the rally falls on the day of Yom Kippur, one of the holiest days for the Jewish religion. We regret the necessity to hold a community action on this day, and want to acknowledge those in our communities who will be unable to attend for this reason.*

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