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Vigil Against the Criminal Legal System – December 19th

—Please Forward Widely—

Vigil Against the Criminal Legal System

Come and show your support for, and solidarity with those who continue to resist the injustice and brutality of the criminal legal system, the cops, and the courts.

Sunday December 19th, 6pm-8pm

In front of Old City Hall, 60 Queen Street West


Who Are We?

We are members of a volunteer social justice group called the 247-Support Committee. This is a group of people who came together to help support our friends, family, neighbours, and allies who got arrested, harassed, beat up, traumatized, and screwed over by the cops and the legal system during the G20 in June. At one point there were 247 people with G20-related charges, and the name stuck. Going through everything that happened during the G20 has opened our eyes to the brutality and injustice of the criminal legal system that affects lots of ordinary people every single day, particularly in communities of poor people, indigenous people, people with disabilities, migrants, people of colour and other marginalized communities. We think that no one should have to suffer the indignities of this injustice system, and we want to work together to change it.

What’s the Problem?

For many people the criminal legal system can be violent, uncaring, and unfair. Unchecked police powers often result in biased policing and abuses of power. Backed up bail courts mean people wait days in custody and their families are forced to choose between going to work, or bailing out their loved ones. Legal aid is inaccessible and private lawyers are expensive meaning people are often forced to represent themselves at trial. Accused people and their families are forced to endure the whole agonizing process with little to no support.

What Can We Do?

We can work together to change the injustices of the legal system. We have to come together to make our voices heard as these problems will not fix themselves. Let’s start by expressing our frustration, and standing in solidarity with those who are subjected to the criminal legal system everyday.

**Come to a Vigil on December 19, 2010, to support the struggle against the unjust criminal legal system.

** Get involved – contact us at 247.g20@gmail.com



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