Prisoners’ Justice Day – by Pete Collins

BOUND & GAGGED A Subsidiary of Buried Alive Illustrations ­                                                                             AUGUST 10TH MEMORIAL Prisoners Justice Day (PJD)                                                                                                        By Peter M. Collins 079283B – 2008 Edited by: Kathleen Kenny Every year as August 10th approaches, a sense of loss settles on prison populations as we all come to terms with knowing that … Continue reading

Prison Strike / prisoners' rights

Prison bosses secretly consider double-bunking

http://www.cancrime.com/2011/06/29/prison-bosses-secretly-consider-%20double-bunking/ Convicts at medium-security Collins Bay penitentiary in Kingston, Ontario, have refused to report to their prison jobs in a protest over double bunking, Cancrime learned. The practice forces two prisoners to live in a cell designed for one. Corrections Canada has dramatically increased its use of double bunking as it scrambles to accommodate a … Continue reading