Bill C-10 / Conservative government / cost of prison

B.C. joins Quebec and Ontario with fears over federal crime bill

Except from Vancouver Sun articles about the cost to the provinces of Bill C-10:

“The Conservatives have promised to have the Safe Streets and Communities legislation written into law within 100 days of the start of the session of parliament.

The legislation contains new mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences — including marijuana. Although mandatory minimums don’t apply automatically to young offenders, there are tougher measures planned against young people accused of certain crimes, including incarceration before trial and publicly naming young offenders which is now the exception rather than the law.

Crown prosecutors across Canada have already said mandatory minimums will mean more trials for defendants who have nothing to lose and those trials will add a massive financial strain to the judicial system.

Although the federal government enacts crime legislation, it is largely the responsibility of the provinces to enforce it and house defendants sentenced to serve time — or be incarcerated before a trial — in provincial jails.”


For the full story go to:


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