Peter Collins Support Committee

In 1983, during a failed robbery attempt, Peter Collins shot and killed Constable David Utman. He was 22 at the time of his conviction, and received a sentence of Life-25. He is currently incarcerated in Bath Penitentiary serving his 29th year. He is a British citizen, and in 1990 he was made deportable, which means he will never be released in Canada.

Although Peter knows he can never make up for taking a life, and feels deep remorse every day for the pain and suffering his actions caused Constable Utman’s family and his own family, he has worked tirelessly while imprisoned to become the man he wants to be.

He has been involved in the Alternatives to Violence Program as both a participant and facilitator. He was a peer health educator for 10 years, and won a Human Rights award in 2008 from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and Human Rights Watch for his work educating other prisoners about HIV and Hep C. He has written a parole manual to help other prisoners prepare for their hearings, and works with guys one-on-one before their hearings. He has upgraded his education, tutored other prisoners, and taught himself to paint and play the guitar. He is a prolific artist and writer. His love of animals led him to become a vegan, and he has saved and nursed back to health hundreds of injured birds and other animals. Additionally, he has donated 1000s of works of arts to social justice charities and causes to use as fundraising tools.

There is nothing else Peter can do in terms of release planning. He completed his correctional plan in 1998 and he has done everything else that his Case Management Team has asked him to do to prepare for parole.   He has a comprehensive release plan in England that includes housing, employment, reintegration support, counseling and a circle of support and accountability. He has contacted British authorities to let them know he will be living in England, and has made arrangements to be supervised by the local police. He has a hearing coming up in May, and we are hoping that the National Parole Board will approve his application for parole for deportation.

Please join our cause and sign the petition in support of Peter’s full parole for deportation to England.



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