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Police who lie: How officers thwart justice with false testimony

Toronto Star

by David Bruser and Jesse McLean

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

“A nationwide Toronto Star investigation shows judges are frequently finding that police officers lie under oath. The dishonesty comes with little consequence to the officer, particularly in provinces such as Ontario where there is no law or policy requiring a prosecutor or police force to investigate the courtroom conduct.”

“The Star searched court judgment databases to locate cases since 2005 where judges found officers misled the court. The 100-plus cases, from Victoria to the Northwest Territories to Halifax, involved more than 120 officers denounced by judges for outright lying, misleading or fabricating evidence. The search also revealed:

• Some of the words judges used to describe police evidence and testimony were “lie,” “fabricate,” “evasive,” “absurd,” “ridiculous,” “subversive,” “disturbing” and “pure fiction.”

• Two officers — one in Victoria, the other a Toronto detective — have each misled the court in two separate cases.

• The chief of a suburban Winnipeg police force was charged with perjury and his force taken over by the RCMP after he allegedly lied to cover up details of his former partner’s role in a fatal drunk driving accident.

• In several cases, officers assaulted a suspect, then began their coverup by charging their victim with assaulting and obstructing police. Some of the victims were guilty of nothing more than a bad attitude.

• Racial profiling, and the subsequent police deception meant to hide the misconduct from public view, cost the people of 100 Mile House, B.C., the prosecution of Zai Chong Huang and the 57 marijuana plants found in his Dodge pickup by RCMP Const. Berze.”


For the full article, go to:–police-who-lie-how-officers-thwart-justice-with-false-testimony?bn=1


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