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Stop Racial Profiling! – Stop Racist Policing!

Stop Racial Profiling! – Stop Racist Policing!

On November 14, 2012, join us as we speak out against the continued racial profiling and racist policing directed at affected communities here in Toronto.

Our struggles to be free from racist police harassment and unconstitutional violations of our rights has resulted in many studies and much talk, but in the neighbourhoods, nothing has changed – police still harass, intimidate, illegally search, arrest, and brutalize the people, and especially Black and racialized youth. The Toronto Police Services Board’s words have proved empty and hollow, and the “new way of doing business” looks exactly like the old one.

From TAVIS to Form 208 cards, the security they talk about doesn’t mean safety for us. It’s time to find real solutions to neighbourhood problems!

On November 14, 2012, join us in saying – enough is enough!

No more illegal detentions and searches!

Stop racial profiling and racist policing!

Speak out in front of 40 College Street before the Toronto Police Services Board meeting on November 14, from 1230PM -130PM

Event endorsed by: Justice is Not Colour-Blind, Law Union of Ontario, Rights Watch Network, Network of Pan-African Solidarity, Nation of Islam, the office of Jagmeet Singh MPP, OPIRG York, No One Is Illegal – Toronto, Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students – University of Toronto, Rainbow Health Network, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, United Black Students at Ryerson, York United Black Students’ Alliance, Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York University

To endorse this event or for more information please contact speakoutnovember14@gmail.com

Justice IS NOT Colour-Blind Campaign

Mobilize Our People, Maximize Our Power!

Email: justicenotblind@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/justicenotblind/

Twitter: @justicenoblind


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