Welcome to Just Blog.   My hope is that this blog will be a place to discuss and promote justice issues.   The focus will be on topics such as:

  • the prison system, prisoners’ rights and penal abolition
  • immigration detention/security certificates
  • other types of carceral spaces where people are held against their will (eg. psychiatric institutions)
  • harm reduction (safer sex, drug use, tattooing,  etc.)
  • how the media creates and perpetuates myths related to crime, drug use, homelessness, race, class (the list goes on and on)
  • legislation and other government actions related to justice issues
  • root causes of crime, such as social inequalities
  • drug policy reform

If individuals or organizations have events they want to promote, I’m happy to post them here.  I will also be looking for guest posters to write about the types of issues I’ve mentioned above.

There is one ground rule:  respectful communication.  Discussion and debate is encouraged, but anything resembling hate speech or discriminatory language will not be tolerated.  As the moderator of this blog, I reserve the right to delete posts and ban posters who cross that line.

To be very clear, hate speech is defined as:  Speech not protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, because it is intended to foster hatred against individuals or groups based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, place of national origin, or other improper classification.

So welcome, and let’s be good to one another.

Just Blog is sponsored by Rittenhouse:  A New Vision.  Founded in 1990 by Ruth Morris, Rittenhouse is an agency dedicated to bringing healing justice (transformative justice) instead of retributive justice in our criminal justice system. We seek healing justice through community education around alternatives to prison;  and advocacy and support for prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families.

One thought on “About

  1. Is CSC legally obligated to disclose internal disciplines of their correctional officers working their shift in question/and, in their BOI REpORT OF A MURDERED OFFENDER IN CUSTODY, to the family, media and public?

    Murder occurred January 16th 1999. no printouts for 2 eight hour shifts strangely the night guard had printouts on the evening of the murder and the day before the murder. The midnight guard was working with a different hand held collector wand, all CO’s worked with the one block collector . The printouts for their shifts have never surfaced The night guard worked with a knife. The offender was stabbed 26 timers and placed under his bunk with a CSC garbage around his face.All guards led about seeing the offender up at 11pm . And the coroner stated he died 3-4 hours before his body was found.

    When all the offenders were locked in for the night, and nobody had access to the cells after all the offenders were locked up for the night.

    Except for the guards.

    blood was splattered everywhere. It was found outside his cell and on the guardrails in front of his cell. Blood was found dispursed throughout many offenders cells.

    The keeper called his death to the OPP a SUICIDE!

    An inquest was held 9 1/2 years later and it is confirmed a MURDER.

    The family want accountability and the guards to be brought to justice.. CSC has not been transparent in their dealings with the family of the deceased and have brought a civil suit AGAINST THE GUARDS AND CSC.

    The family is statued barred but the mother will not surrender. Till accountability on the part of the guards is aknowledged.
    Their lawyer has dismissed himself, probably intimidated by CSC AG.

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