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Considering Abolition

  by Mike Larsen What is to be abolished? There is a recurring discussion in the abolitionist literature regarding the prefix that should accompany ‘abolition’. A recent addition to this ongoing dialogue, published in Contemporary Justice Review, is Piché and Larsen’s (2010) article ‘The Moving Targets of Abolitionism: ICOPA, Past, Present and Future’. To briefly … Continue reading

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Club Fed – Part 2

by Giselle Dias ____________________________________________________________________________________________ I have been into almost all the prisons across canada or at least two thirds of the prisons.  For those of you who are unaware we have different prison systems. There is the federal prison system which holds people serving 2 years or more and the provincial systems that hold people … Continue reading

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“Club Fed” – Part 1

by Giselle Dias ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Last night I was at a dinner party when the topic of prisons came up. It usually does when I am around because that is what I want to talk about. As I was talking about the poor conditions of prisons someone asked me “but what about club fed?” Immediately the … Continue reading

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Abolishing the Prison Industrial Complex Workshop – Toronto

Date: Saturday, October 30th from 1 to 4 p.m. Location: The Raging Spoon (761 Queen St. W.) What is prison industrial complex abolition? Why should we fight for it, and how? Participants will learn about prison industrial complex abolition as both a strategy and a vision for a world without imprisonment, policing, surveillance, or capitalism, … Continue reading

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Prisoners’ Justice Week

Are you furious about the arrest and detainment of over 900 people during the G20 weekend in June? Are you angry about the detention and detainment of ten of thousands every year in immigration detention centres in the city? Want to end forced incarceration of people with disabilities in provinicial institutions, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities … Continue reading

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The G20 and Its Connections to Prisoners’ Justice Organizing

by Giselle Dias The G20 symbolized many different things to each of us but one of the overarching themes (from my perspective) was the level of state repression/oppression/violence. In a statement from the Toronto Community Mobilization Network (June 2010) they stated: “Instead of simplifying our diverse struggles in to one issue, we supported actions for … Continue reading

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ICOPA History – Excerpt from “The Moving Targets of Penal Abolitionism: ICOPA, Past, Present, and Future”

By Justin Piché and Mike Larsen (Co-managing Editors, Journal of Prisoners on Prisons) The following is an excerpt from the article “The Moving Targets of Penal Abolitionism: ICOPA, Past, Present, and Future”, accepted for publication and forthcoming from the journal Contemporary Justice Review. EXCERPT BEGINS ICOPA: the emergence of an international prison abolitionist movement Since … Continue reading

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Prison Abolition and Alternatives

from PrisonJustice.ca In support of prisoners and prison justice activism in Canada ______________________________________________________________________ Nine Perspectives for Prison Abolitionists Perspective 1 Imprisonment is morally reprehensible and indefensible and must be abolished. In an enlightened free society, prison cannot endure or it will prevail. Abolition is a long term goal; an ideal. The eradication of any oppressive … Continue reading