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ON POINT: Making Prison Needle and Syringe Programs Work in Canada

JOIN US for a free lively panel discussion in support of prisoners’ rights and justice. Panelists will discuss why prison needle and syringe programs are essential, how they are working in other countries, and how they might be implemented in Canada. Panel speakers: ~Daniela De Santis – Hindelbank Prison, Switzerland ~Ruth Elwood Martin – University … Continue reading

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Vic Toews and the League of Imaginary Crime Fighters So this is rich: the Conservatives are taking credit for the falling crime rate. On July 24, after Statistics Canada reported that police-reported crime was at its lowest level in 40 years, Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews tweeted “Crime rate down 6% – shows CPC tough on crime is working. Rate is still … Continue reading

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Crime Doesn’t Deter Tories – Nor Do Facts

by Joan Ruzsa Huffington Post July 16th, 2012 There’s something I don’t understand about us humans. We can cure disease, explore outer space, access information from around the world in a split second and discover the God particle, and yet the best idea we have come up with to respond to crime and social harm … Continue reading

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A Meaner Canada: Junk Politics and the Omnibus Crime Bill

From Alex Himelfarb’s blog, this post eloquently addresses the problems with the Conservatives law and order legislative agenda, and its contribution to the debasement of Canadian politics. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Excerpt:  “Canada’s new Parliament is poised to reshape Canada’s criminal justice system and, in significant ways, Canada itself.   Within 100 sitting days of its resumption Parliament … Continue reading

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Club Fed – Part 2

by Giselle Dias ____________________________________________________________________________________________ I have been into almost all the prisons across canada or at least two thirds of the prisons.  For those of you who are unaware we have different prison systems. There is the federal prison system which holds people serving 2 years or more and the provincial systems that hold people … Continue reading

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Liberals ask budget watchdog to estimate cost of Tory crime bill

Liberals ask budget watchdog to estimate cost of Tory crime bill from  Politics and the Nation – Postmedia News Written by Andrew Mayeda ___________________________________________________________________________________________ The Liberals have asked Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page to review the costs of another crime bill introduced by the Harper government. The bill, known officially as An Act to … Continue reading

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Prisoners’ Justice Week

Are you furious about the arrest and detainment of over 900 people during the G20 weekend in June? Are you angry about the detention and detainment of ten of thousands every year in immigration detention centres in the city? Want to end forced incarceration of people with disabilities in provinicial institutions, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities … Continue reading

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More Evidence That We Spend Ridiculous Amounts of Money on Prison

Tory crime bill to cost extra $618M per year, report finds OTTAWA—A new law that limits the amount of time federal inmates can get for time served in custody before and during their trial will cost the federal government $618 million more per year, says a new report from Parliament’s budget watchdog. That does not … Continue reading

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A Foolhardy Approach to Criminal Justice

from Harper’s “tough-on-crime” bills costly, counterproductive by Paula Mallea National Office | The Monitor Issue(s): Human rights, Law and legal issues April 1, 2010 The Harper government is reintroducing its proposed “tough-on-crime” laws that were killed when Harper prorogued Parliament in January. These crime bills, if passed, will result in the lengthy incarceration of … Continue reading

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June 12th Prisoners’ Justice Community Meeting

Please circulate widely . . . On February 27th, 2010, and then again on April 17th, a group of over 50 people came together to create a coalition that is committed to creating community justice.  The group consists of people from different backgrounds and disparate areas of expertise, but we are all united to find … Continue reading