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ON POINT: Making Prison Needle and Syringe Programs Work in Canada

JOIN US for a free lively panel discussion in support of prisoners’ rights and justice. Panelists will discuss why prison needle and syringe programs are essential, how they are working in other countries, and how they might be implemented in Canada. Panel speakers: ~Daniela De Santis – Hindelbank Prison, Switzerland ~Ruth Elwood Martin – University … Continue reading

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Checking into the “Homeless Hilton”

by Bill O’Leary ______________________________________________________________ There is a clear connection and relationship between the issues of homelessness and imprisonment. This relationship is forged on false understandings held by the community, mainstream media portrayals that feed this understanding, and the ongoing criminalization and containment of people experiencing homelessness that supports the view that homelessness warrants institutionalization.  If … Continue reading

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Day After Day Coalition

We are a group of activists, advocates and service providers that do in-reach into women’s jails and prisons in Ontario.  We think prisons should be abolished. We oppose the G20, and all the police super powers that went along with it.  We are appalled at how G20 detainees and prisoners have been treated at the … Continue reading

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ACCORDING TO NEW CSC REPORT Half the prisoners who reported injecting drugs shared their needles or syringes TORONTO, April 21, 2010 — A report released by the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) earlier this month reveals an HIV prevalence rate in federal prisons that rivals those of many countries in sub-Saharan Africa and is greater … Continue reading

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Man with Hep C may face fourteen years for spitting at cop

by Shawn Syms / National / Wednesday, April 21, 2010/Xtra! magazine _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Man with Hep C may face fourteen years for spitting at cop Kristopher Wentworth was having a really bad day. He was in court and things didn’t look good. He’d robbed a variety store — and stolen a few pills from a girlfriend. … Continue reading