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Canadian inmates sue government over t-shirt ban

Toronto Star August 30th, 2012 by Curtis Rush Canadian-inmates-sue-government-over-t-shirt-ban “Some 150 inmates have filed a $1.25 million class-action lawsuit against the Attorney General of Canada to wear the T-shirts on Prisoners Justice Day. The shirt also shows two hands grasping jail bars. The prisoners in Joyceville Institution, 20 kilometres northeast of Kingston, brought the shirts … Continue reading

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Stephen Harper’s Bad Idea: Bill C-10 and the Strategy to Fill Our Prisons

Stephen Harper’s Bad Idea: Bill C-10 and the Strategy to Fill Our Prisons Monday, 09 January 2012 17:52 By Joan Ruzsa I remember when the Harper government first introduced a bill (then called C-15) to create mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes. I was struck by something when reading the parliamentary debates on the issue. … Continue reading

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Prison bosses secretly consider double-bunking Convicts at medium-security Collins Bay penitentiary in Kingston, Ontario, have refused to report to their prison jobs in a protest over double bunking, Cancrime learned. The practice forces two prisoners to live in a cell designed for one. Corrections Canada has dramatically increased its use of double bunking as it scrambles to accommodate a … Continue reading

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Access to Information: A Guide for Canadian Prisoners

Access to Information: A Guide for Canadian Prisoners By Mike Larsen In Canada, there is a small but growing group of criminologists and sociologists conducting research on matters related to the carceral (broadly defined) using access to information (ATI) mechanisms. Federal and provincial ATI laws have been around for some time now, and they are … Continue reading

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Georgia prisoners continue their protest strike

Georgia prisoners continue their protest strike LARA MARLOWE in Washington (from THOUSANDS OF prisoners in at least four penitentiaries across the state of Georgia continued a non-violent strike for the fifth consecutive day yesterday in a showdown between the Department of Corrections and inmates over forced labour and poor living conditions. The strike is … Continue reading

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Club Fed – Part 2

by Giselle Dias ____________________________________________________________________________________________ I have been into almost all the prisons across canada or at least two thirds of the prisons.  For those of you who are unaware we have different prison systems. There is the federal prison system which holds people serving 2 years or more and the provincial systems that hold people … Continue reading