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Day After Day Coalition

We are a group of activists, advocates and service providers that do in-reach into women’s jails and prisons in Ontario.  We think prisons should be abolished. We oppose the G20, and all the police super powers that went along with it.  We are appalled at how G20 detainees and prisoners have been treated at the … Continue reading

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The Hierarchy of Murder

This article, entitled “With more than 500 aboriginal women missing, action is overdue” was written by Andre Picard, and appeared in the Globe and Mail on September 3rd, 2009.    This an an incredibly important and ongoing issue. Here is an excerpt: “The Native Women’s Association of Canada has catalogued 520 cases of missing or murdered … Continue reading

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Take Back the Night

I got an e-mail about this event at work today and wanted to spread the word. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ TAKE BACK THE NIGHT! NO MORE HIDING! Join the Shelter | Sanctuary | Status Contingent at Take Back the Night Saturday Sept.12, 2009 5 p.m.- Community Fair 6 p.m.- Rally 8 p.m.- March Davenport Perth Neighborhood Centre 1900 … Continue reading