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Upcoming Documentaries on Wrongful Conviction

ACCUSED OF ‘KILLING’ THEIR OWN CHILDREN: TWO DOCUMENTARIES BY JULIAN SHER INVESTIGATE SHOCKING CASES OF WRONGFUL CONVICTION ON GLOBAL TELEVISION’S ‘REVEALED’ SERIES   A MOTHER’S ORDEAL Friday, May 6, 10PM (9PM Manitoba/Sask.) EXECUTION BY FIRE Friday, May 13, 10PM (9PM Manitoba/Sask.)   In a pair of hour-long documentaries, one of Canada’s top investigative journalists takes … Continue reading

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A Guilty Look

An article in today’s Toronto Star entitled:  The Fallacy of Lying Eyes and Guileless Smiles talks about how demeanor is often used by judges and juries to determine guilt or innocence, with disastrous consequences.   Excerpt below. To read the full article, click on the title above. _________________________________________________________________________________________ “It is a task so basic to the … Continue reading

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Miscarriages of justice more likely in coming decade than last: Lockyer

By Michelle Mcquigge, THE CANADIAN PRESS,, December 28, 2009 6:54 PM TORONTO – The nearly 20 Canadian men and women whose wrongful convictions were acknowledged over the last decade run the gamut, from journeyman convicts to a man whose life comprised an epic 45-year journey to clear his name of a murder he didn’t … Continue reading