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Women see the other side

Published in the Toronto Sat December 27th, 2011–women-see-the-other-side Once a week women from Waterloo’s Wilfrid Laurier University go to prison. They pass through a razor-wired fence twice their height and enter an austere brick building, a federal prison for women in Kitchener called the Grand Valley Institution. These are no Florence Nightingale-minded do-gooders. These … Continue reading

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Are the Provinces and Territories Ready for an Influx of New Prisoners?

This post, from Justin Piché’s blog, “Tracking the Politics of Crime and Punishment in Canada”, discusses Piché’s research into the government’s prison expansion initiatives, as well as the locations and status of the proposed prison construction. Continue reading

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Tell the Senate: Don’t rubber stamp the Crime Bill

Please click on this link, from, and ask the senators of your province not to rubber-stamp the Harper government’s cruel crime bill. keep-canada-safe Tell the Senate: Don’t rubber stamp the Crime Bill Update & New Action: Thursday Dec 8, 2011 On Monday, Prime Minister Harper’s Conservative MPs voted for the cruel Crime Bill. That … Continue reading

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G20 to C-10: Repression, Austerity, and the Prison Boom

G20 to C-10: Repression, Austerity, and the Prison Boom                                                                                                                                                                                 Community meal and panel discussion benefit for 4strugglemag Speakers will include: WANDA WHITEBIRD (Wanda Whitebird does support work with incarcerated Aboriginal women and is currently at the Women’s Outreach/Support Services of … Continue reading