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June 12th Prisoners’ Justice Community Meeting

Please circulate widely . . . On February 27th, 2010, and then again on April 17th, a group of over 50 people came together to create a coalition that is committed to creating community justice.  The group consists of people from different backgrounds and disparate areas of expertise, but we are all united to find … Continue reading

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Burgeoning prison budgets spared the axe By Bill Curry Globe and Mail March 29, 2010 As Ottawa sets deep cuts for public service, Corrections Canada goes on a hiring spree Ottawa will spend more money on federal prisons in coming years – a rare exception to government-wide restraint and a sharp contrast to efforts by cash-strapped American states to save … Continue reading

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43% Increase in Federal Penitentiary Construction Budget: NDP

by Justin Piché While Finance Minister Jim Flaherty preached fiscal constraint during his unveiling of the Federal Budget yesterday, announcing decreases and freezes on various areas of government expenditure, he managed to set aside funds to feed the Reform Party’s addiction to imprisonment.  According to a statement released today by NDP Public Safety Critic Don … Continue reading

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Inmate deaths from unnatural causes rise

from CBC News The number of inmates who died of unnatural causes in Canadian prisons increased 70 per cent this year, according to new figures obtained by CBC News. This increase occurred despite a concerted effort by federal officials to try to reduce the number of people who kill themselves or die violently while incarcerated. … Continue reading

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Why We Should All Be Concerned About Bill C-43: An Act to amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act and the Criminal Code

Significant Amendments to the CCRA proposed in Bill C-43 (excerpted from Graham Stewart and Michael Jackson’s commentary) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ In December 2007, the Correctional Services Canada (CSC) Independent Review Panel released its final report outlining recommendations for the Government of Canada. The Panel was assigned the task of completing a review of CSC’s operational priorities, strategies … Continue reading

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A Rebuke of CSC’s Transformation: On “A Flawed Compass” Guiding the Future of the Canadian Federal Penitentiary System

Please welcome Justin Piché to Just Blog.  Justin is a PhD student in Sociology at Carleton University.  His research examines where Canadian penal institutions in Canada are built and why.  He is also Co-managing Editor of the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons (   Justin  has kindly offered us his report on Michael Jackson and Graham … Continue reading