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Burgeoning prison budgets spared the axe By Bill Curry Globe and Mail March 29, 2010 As Ottawa sets deep cuts for public service, Corrections Canada goes on a hiring spree Ottawa will spend more money on federal prisons in coming years – a rare exception to government-wide restraint and a sharp contrast to efforts by cash-strapped American states to save … Continue reading

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ICOPA History – Excerpt from “The Moving Targets of Penal Abolitionism: ICOPA, Past, Present, and Future”

By Justin Piché and Mike Larsen (Co-managing Editors, Journal of Prisoners on Prisons) The following is an excerpt from the article “The Moving Targets of Penal Abolitionism: ICOPA, Past, Present, and Future”, accepted for publication and forthcoming from the journal Contemporary Justice Review. EXCERPT BEGINS ICOPA: the emergence of an international prison abolitionist movement Since … Continue reading


Double Bunking Rather Than New Prisons?

Justin Piché has written a great article about the Public Safety Minister’s assertion that, rather than building new prisons, Correctional Services of Canada will be double-bunking prisoners as a regular practice. The article:  Double-Bunking, Not New Penitentiaries Moving Forward:  Toews can be found on Justin’s excellent blog:  Tracking the Politics of Crime and Punishment in … Continue reading

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CALL FOR ART – Political Prisoners Calendar‏

For: Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar, 2011 Deadline: May 1st 2010 What: Art in honour of political prisoners and prisoners of war and their struggles, work and victories The Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar collective ( is excited to celebrate our tenth calendar (2011), which will be released in fall 2010.  … Continue reading

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Mar. 19 – Services | Sanctuary | Status: Access Without Fear

A professional development and networking forum for service providers working with newcomer communities to develop strategies aimed at ensuring access to essential services for immigrants without full status. Friday, March 19, 2010 12:30 pm Registration 1:00-3:00 pm Forum Location: 155 College Street Health Sciences Building, University of Toronto Over the past five years, front line workers and migrant … Continue reading

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43% Increase in Federal Penitentiary Construction Budget: NDP

by Justin Piché While Finance Minister Jim Flaherty preached fiscal constraint during his unveiling of the Federal Budget yesterday, announcing decreases and freezes on various areas of government expenditure, he managed to set aside funds to feed the Reform Party’s addiction to imprisonment.  According to a statement released today by NDP Public Safety Critic Don … Continue reading


Call for Contributions for ICOPA XIII

Call for Contributions: ICOPA XIII – Thirteenth International Conference on Penal Abolition ICOPA International Organizing Committee The expansion and normalization of imprisonment as a tool for dealing with a wide range of social problems has led to the entrenched perception of prisons as seemingly permanent fixtures of the modern landscape. In most academic and political … Continue reading