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A Meaner Canada: Junk Politics and the Omnibus Crime Bill

From Alex Himelfarb’s blog, this post eloquently addresses the problems with the Conservatives law and order legislative agenda, and its contribution to the debasement of Canadian politics. http://afhimelfarb.wordpress.com/2011/05/29/a-meaner-canada-junk-politics-and-the-omnibus-crime-bill/ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Excerpt:  “Canada’s new Parliament is poised to reshape Canada’s criminal justice system and, in significant ways, Canada itself.   Within 100 sitting days of its resumption Parliament … Continue reading

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The G20 and Its Connections to Prisoners’ Justice Organizing

by Giselle Dias The G20 symbolized many different things to each of us but one of the overarching themes (from my perspective) was the level of state repression/oppression/violence. In a statement from the Toronto Community Mobilization Network (June 2010) they stated: “Instead of simplifying our diverse struggles in to one issue, we supported actions for … Continue reading

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The Hierarchy of Murder

This article, entitled “With more than 500 aboriginal women missing, action is overdue” was written by Andre Picard, and appeared in the Globe and Mail on September 3rd, 2009.    This an an incredibly important and ongoing issue. Here is an excerpt: “The Native Women’s Association of Canada has catalogued 520 cases of missing or murdered … Continue reading