Aboriginal issues / justice / prison / Renée J. Acoby

Poetry by Renée J. Acoby

Dedication to the Murdered & Missing Women

 Sometimes we hoped,

sometimes we cried … most times

we question how and why —

so many sisters had to die; by rope,

razor, drugs or rye — or M.I.A.

under Picton’s sky.

We tip the bottle to respect and grieve

the women who sought a brief reprieve …

from the hustle and struggle on Hastings Street.

Society quickly forgot their faces …

simply for belonging to other races —

designated by the police as cold cases.

But these women left an indelible mark

in the depths of their loved ones’ hearts

broken angels shining in the dark …

We tip the bottle to respect and grieve —

May our sisters’ spirits rest in peace.




Spend years behind walls the white man built,

indefinite solitary makes it hard to feel Guilt —

a form of Residential School, ancestors blood spilled.

Searching, fasting … praying to find

a shred of humanity, freedom with no binds  —

lift the veil of Revenge that renders me blind.

Petition the System for a sweat, a vision…

to release the negativity in my internal prison –

Where intentions and goals are tainted crimson.

Pledged faith, Revolutionary – convict Alliance;

left to endure, to stagnate in silence –

Mind and spirit plagued by violence.

Fighting a war dating back to Crazy Horse,

too ignorant to comprehend the System is the Source

of Revenge, Ruminating … my lack of Remorse.

Spend years behind walls my heart has built,

feel the lifeline wither when my blood is spilled.


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